How to become a member


Why should your agency become a member of the Independent Insurance Agents of Hampden County?

Be Part of the Network

Get to know other local insurance agents. Discuss thoughts with other local fellow professionals who share your concerns and interests. The regularly scheduled I.I.A.H.C. Luncheon Meetings are a great place to network.

Gain Immediate Credibility

Your membership in the I.I.A.H.C tells potential customers that you are part of something bigger; that you are a respected member of the insurance community and that you abide by a set of professional standards.

Get New Customers

Consumers often turn to the Independent Insurance Agents of Hampden County to find an agent in their town. Inclusion on our website puts you in the running. Become a company sponsor to gain even more exposure.

Keep Up to Date

The insurance world is constantly changing. The I.I.A.H.C. provides free local seminars with presentations by respected members of the Massachusetts insurance industry. These are convenient nearby events. Unlike similar programs held by the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents, you don’t have to drive to Milford to attend.

Annual Golf Outing

The annual I.I.A.H.C. Golf Outing is held every fall. It’s a great chance to play a round, or just rub elbows with other industry players.


Throughout the year, the I.I.A.H.C. spends money on advertising in local media. These are campaigns designed to create consumer awareness in the advantages of insuring with local agents who are members of our organization.