Insurance Products

Insurance Products

Our agents offer a wide array of products and services. You can read the brief product descriptions by clicking on the link below, or call a local agent for more information.

Home / Condominium

To most consumers, the largest single investment in their lifetime is their home.

A homeowner’s insurance policy protects not only the home, but also its possessions and the homeowner’s liability. 

Basically, there are four types of coverage contained in homeowner’s policy: dwelling and personal property, personal liability, medical payments, and additional living expenses.  Talk to your local Hampden County independent insurance agent to determine the type and amount of coverage best suited to you. 


Life insurance is purchased in order to protect one’s family in the event of one’s death.  Most often, it is purchased by that member (or members) of the family who are the primary income earners, but there are exceptions.  Did you know that some life insurance policies can actually provide payments when no one has passed away?  Frankly, most people do not truly understand how the various types of life insurance policies work.  Many falsely believe that they cannot afford life insurance.  Your local Hampden County independent insurance agent is an expert when it comes to explaining the different types of policies, and in determining which are best for you.


Does auto insurance protect the driver or the vehicle?  The answer is… both, but the coverage does not stop there.  Auto insurance protects the insured against many losses involving the use of automobiles.  Various mandatory and optional coverages are purchased depending on the individual’s needs and budget.  Such coverages include the liability of bodily injury, property damage, medical payments, and the physical damage of collision and comprehensive.  Talk to your local HampdenCounty independent insurance agent to determine the coverage’s that are right for you.

Renter’s / Apartment

You don’t need to own the structure in which you live in order to insure it.  Whether you rent or own, you still need to protect your belongings, yourself and others.

Why buy renter’s insurance?  To protect your personal property against such unfortunate events as fire, theft, and vandalism.  Even if you don’t own your home, you can still be held responsible for injuries to others. Renters insurance can help to protect you in the event of a liability lawsuit.

Renter’s insurance policies can be extremely inexpensive.  Talk to your local Hampden County independent insurance agent today.


Failure to properly insure a business can lead to disaster, costing a business owner his or her finances, assets, or the business itself.  Many small businesses take huge risks by operating underinsured.The Insurance Information Institute estimates that nearly forty percent of small businesses have no insurance at all.  Many falsely believe they can't afford business insurance.

It is important to understand that, without insurance, your livelihood is at risk everyday.  Many landlords, suppliers, and other businesses with which you associate may actually require you to have coverage, even if you are your only employee!  Don’t put yourself at risk.  Talk to your local Hampden County Insurance agent today.  Business insurance can be surprisingly affordable.